Florian Bo was born and grown up in Germany in 1989. He grew up like any other child but soon become famous amongst friends and peers for his extraordinary energy and “craziness”.
Growing up with the german Techno scene he discovered his love for electronic dance music at the age of 16 and immersed himself in the clubbing scene. He quickly became very interested in DJ’ing and bought his first Dj Set to practice. Soon after, he realized that he had a natural talent for it.
It was not long before he was presented with an opportunity to play in a local nightclub; it was there that Florian Bo played his first set in front of a real audience:
“That night I was extremely excited as it was my first time playing in front of an audience, but when the crowd starting going crazy to my beat and I felt the adrenaline course through my blood. It is then I knew – THIS IS IT!”

From that pivotal moment onwards it was Florian’s passion to move his audiences to his music, and the demand for him quickly grew with more and more gigs in the clubs and on festival´s around him.
Since August 2010 Florian Bo has been living in Shanghai where he has already played in several well known clubs, and is quickly building a name for himself in the Shanghai clubbing scene.
With some huge Event´s 2012 was an very successfull Year for Florian Bo he got the Crowd going Wild on the MIDI Electronic Festival Shanghai, played the Afterset for the World Famous Dj “DUBFIRE” at MOOK Shanghai and finished the Year with the Echo Valley Electronic Music Festival in the Mountains of Nanning (south China).

Meanwhile a well known Part of Shanghai´s Dj Scene, he also played at planty Event´s in 2013

                   ·         The Mansion Club / Music Director & Resident Dj

                   ·         The Mansion Club / Dj Awards*most played Dj in 2013

                   ·         “MIDI” Music Festival May 2013 / Music Director and Dj at the Electronic Music Stage

with an Taiwan Tour, Shanghai´s well known Midi Festival and playing at one of the Best Techno Club´s in the World “TRESOR BERLIN” the Year 2014 was so far a very successful Year for Florian Bo. With the Crowd going Crazy his Gig at Tresor Berlin /with Joey Beltram (NYC) was a milestone in his Dj Career.

In the End of 2014 Florian Bo teamed Up with his long time Friend and Dj/producer Below Surface and the Dj & Live Duo “Absorbed” was born. For there first Release “Introduction EP” on the Berlin Label Advanced they put on a small Europe Tour in December with performing there Liveset at “Tresor Berlin” and ”Skala Bielefeld” and a DJ set at “Sugarfactory” in Amsterdam.

2015 will be a big Year for Florian Bo and Absorbed with lots of Gig´s and solid Techno releases.


Supported Dj

         ·         Dubfire (SCI + TEC Digital Audio)

         ·         Joey Beltram (Tresor Berlin)

         ·         James Zabiela

         ·         John Da Silva

         ·         David Keno (Katermukke/Keno Records)



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